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  • Learn Something New This Year

    The New Year is a great time to learn something new. Research shows that learning at any age can sharpen the brain and encourage growth in a career and personal life. Picking up a new skill and applying it is not only fun but gives a great sense of accomplishment.

    With the many methods of education available today there is an option to fit almost everyone’s lifestyle. Is time a challenge and you don’t want to leave home? Then taking advantage of the internet may work. Most colleges and universities offer online classes that can be taken for credit or audit. There are also websites that offer a variety of topics for training by video. and are two examples with large depths of content. “Readers” can visit their favorite bookstore or website to find a curriculum of interest. Many come with workbooks and online resources to enhance the learning experience. For those more comfortable in the classroom environment the local college or trade school can provide these services.

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