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Hiring? Timing Counts More than Ever

First Impressions matter, and the best first impressions are delivered live and in person. While nothing replaces the face-to-face interview, today’s web enabled smart phone technology makes it possible for a job applicant to introduce and showcase themselves to potential employers without leaving home.

As front line hiring professionals, @Work Personnel is always seeking ways to make the hiring process more efficient for both the applicant and the employer. A few months back we were approached by HelloVid, an innovative Temecula startup with a great idea: Why not have job applicants submit a quick introductory video of themselves to share with employers? What if we build a searchable video and resume database platform that lets you score, rate and manage applicants throughout the whole process? And what if we make it really easy to use?

We found the concept fascinating. Let me explain why. In the staffing world, timing is everything. When an employer calls and needs a position filled on Tuesday and it’s already Monday afternoon, the normal 2-3 day process of setting an interview appointment goes out the window. HelloVid enables AtWork to instantly provide qualified applicants the opportunity to introduce themselves and employers the opportunity to get a feel for how the potential employee represents and conducts themselves. It’s a win-win.

AtWork Personnel and HelloVid plan to disrupt the hiring world by bringing life and dimension to the traditional static resume utilizing short video introductions. Candidates have the ability to distinguish themselves by verbalizing their value, making a case why they should be selected via a short clip they create and submit themselves using their own device.

But the video in HelloVid is only half the story. The startup’s agile platform gives AtWork Personnel the ability to efficiently and effectively sort through talent based on qualifications prior to viewing applicant videos. This means employers need only look through video clips of applicants which already meet the employers’ requirements, reducing steps in the often laborious screening and selection process.

Just last week we were faced with the perfect test of HelloVid technology. A client called and needed two clerical employees to start the next day. The temporary associates whom we would normally send were already on assignment. So we searched our applicant database and found two promising candidates whose qualifications fit the bill, sent them a HelloVid Request and waited.

A few minutes later, we were notified of two new Vids in the system. We provided the video links to the employer and voila!

AtWork was able to place two candidates into jobs without the need for a formal in-person meeting. AtWork’s partnership with HelloVid resulted in measurable savings of time, money, and resources.

Based on the concept and demonstrated real world benefits, AtWork anticipates continued expansion of the HelloVid platform to our national footprint and an eventual mainstreaming of this idea. Today’s generation of workers have a distinct level of comfort with the sharing aspect of technology, and are far more comfortable with the idea of uploading a self-promotional video than in previous years.

The bottom line is AtWork and HelloVid are leveraging technology to improve the hiring process for applicants and employers. We are pleased to be on the forefront of this shift and invite you to participate.

Within the hiring process, first impressions are vital and typically must happen in-person, which consumes time, energy, and resources. Ordinary resumes don’t give candidates the opportunity to stand-out among a large pool of potential talent. HelloVid allows candidates to record, or upload, a short 30 second video introduction from any device. It’s easy to sign up with Facebook or LinkedIn, and after a couple shorts steps, candidates can start showcasing their personality, passion, and presence. One of the enormous visions of the HelloVid team is to create the largest online video library of talent. Learn more at

Written by Gregg Hassler

Gregg Hassler is the owner of Work Personnel Services -, 951.297.3591 ext. 101.

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