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‘We Care Plumbing, Heating, Air and Solar’ a Proud Part of Riverside County

We Care Plumbing, Heating, Air and Solar has been a proud part of Riverside County from our inception. We started out as a small team that sought to provide the very best in HVAC services to each and every customer we served. Over the past eighteen years, we’ve been fortunate to experience an amazing amount of growth. This growth has come thanks to our clients telling their friends, neighbors, and family members about their own great experiences with our company. It wasn’t long before we were also recognized by Southern California Edison as “Contractor of The Year”, as well as the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACAA) …also as “Contractor of The Year.” Our mission statement, “We Care to Go the Extra Mile” is noticed and recognized, which lets us know that we continue to be on the right track.

Over time our customers were asking if we could help them with other needs they had around the house, like plumbing and solar. With these requests coming in, we quickly expanded not only our staff and fleet of service vehicles but also our product and service offerings. This growth was very humbling because we could have only grown with the support of our customer base. It is for that reason that we have never lost focus or direction, and daily strive to maintain a small business culture and feel. We know that our employees are the foundation behind our success. We couldn’t be at the level we are today if it wasn’t for the hard work and dedication of our entire team, and we as a company go above and beyond what most others do in regards to showing our appreciation.

The culture here at ‘We Care’ is what surrounds us every day at work, and while it may be difficult to define, it is our culture that has been behind our success over the last several years. Our culture is a powerful element of our company, and it shapes everything from our daily enjoyment to our professional relationships and processes.

Any company, regardless of their industry or size, has a “culture”, and it is ultimately that culture that determines whether the employees are happy with their jobs, and the direction the company is taking. It is the culture that determines whether or not a company can grow and remain successful.

It’s sometimes difficult to tell if a perspective new employee meets and fits in with the company culture, but when you find that special guy or gal that just seems to fit, the answer is clear. Every last one of our employees are part of a team that puts the needs and satisfaction of our customers before their own. Our team prides themselves on providing only the highest level of customer service and a level of professionalism that is the highest in the region.

We Care takes the confidence and trust that our customers place in us very seriously. As the home improvement, repair, and installation industry moves forward, we continue to improve our wide array of products and services. Along with that, our team is continually moving forward with their education and understanding of the products and equipment that We Care installs and services. Our technicians and installers spend countless hours each year in advanced training seminars and workshops. It is for these reasons that when you need us, our Entire Team comes together to deliver responsive service that Exceeds Great Expectations.

For further information, contact We Care at 1-888-230-1160.