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Spring into New Landscaping

As the days get warmer, now is the time to prepare your spring landscape. With a little time and care you can get your landscape ready for the warmer months.

  1. The first step in spring landscaping is planning your landscape. With the right preparation, your home can be beautiful and water efficient! Evaluate your space and needs. If you do not have landscape irrigation, use drip irrigation to save up to 20-25 gallons of water each day. EVMWD has landscape inspiration and resources available at to help with your planning.
  2. Next, clean out and prepare your soil for new growth. This includes pulling weeds from the roots, removing unwanted rocks and clearing space for new growth. Spring is also a time to trim old plants before new growth develops. This includes roses, fruit trees and flowering shrubs.
  3. Once your yard has been cleaned, take the time to revitalize the soil. Add 1-3” of mulch a few inches from plant stems. Mulch helps prevent weeds, keeps in moisture and even helps to regulate the soil temperature. Some examples of mulch are wood chips, compost and grass clippings. Rocks and gravel can also be used as much however since they are inorganic, they do not provide organic matter to the soil.
  4. The last step of preparing your spring landscaping is planting. There are countless California native plants that are not only water-efficient but also beautiful. Visit for inspiration on native plants that fit your needs. Be sure to consider the amount of sunlight in your yard as well as how much space there is. Once your plant is in the ground be sure to water it immediately and keep the root ball moist the first few weeks.

EVMWD offers a variety of workshops throughout the year that may help with you landscaping needs. EVMWD also offers several landscape related water-saving rebates for turf replacement and water wise irrigation. Visit for a schedule of events and rebates.