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Michelle’s Place Announces 2020 Educational Scholarship RecipientsPatricia Deroeuxand Michelle’s Place Scholarships Promote Educational Achievement

Michelle’s Place Cancer Resource Center is pleased to announce two recipient’s of the Patricia Deroeux Scholarship and two recipients of the Michelle’s Place Scholarship, for a total of $6,000given toward continuing education in 2020.

Lauren McMullen, a sophomore student at California State University, Monterey Bay, and Alyssa Landon, a junior at San Diego State University, are therecipients of the Patricia Deroeux Scholarship, on behalf of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce and special contributor Deron Johnson. This scholarship promotes education by rewarding $2,000 annually to students under 25 years old who are enrolled in college at full-time status. Students must be a resident in the City of Temecula who need financial assistance for educational purposes and have lost a parent due to cancer.

“Patricia Deroeux was a beloved member of our team and a respected member of our community. Her life had great impact and value to everyone who knew her”, said Temecula Chamber CEO Emily Falappino. “We consider it an honor to be able to share her legacy through such deserving students. The Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to award the Patricia Deroeux Scholarship for 2020 to Lauren and Alyssa”, said Falappino.

“To say it is an honor to be receiving this scholarship from Michelle’s Place is an understatement”, said McMullen. “The meaning behind this scholarship and my ties to it hold a very special place in my heart. This scholarship is just another positive opportunity that is the result of a very negative thing. I have learned that although we may not know it in the moment, some of the worst things we will experience in live, will open upon some of the most life changing opportunities. Because of this scholarship, I will be able to continue my education, follow my dreams, and hopefully become successfully enough to where I can award my own cancer-related scholarships in the future”, said McMullen.
McMullen experienced the loss of her mother, Darlene, to brain cancer in 2013.

The Michelle’s Place Scholarship,inspired by the Temecula Valley Women’s Club, has been awarded to Sydney Moreno and Heather Richards. “I would like to thank Michelle’s Place for the honor of receiving this scholarship. It will go a long way in helping me meet my tuition responsibilities for Concordia University of Irvine”, said Richards.

Richards shared her touching story of how her family has been deeply impacted by cancer, with both her father and mother having been diagnosed, and losing a peer, great, aunt, and grandfather all to cancer. “I would also like to thank Michelle’s Place for all the support they have given my mother during her fight against breast cancer. It’s truly a blessing to have such a wonderful resource for people battling cancer”, said Richards.