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Temecula’s ‘2018 Students of the Year’ Honored

The Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC) Student of the Month Program was founded by entrepreneur and community leader Sally Myers over 26 years ago. The program brings together local businesses, government representatives, and Temecula valley families to spotlight local students during their senior year.

The Student of the Month Program’s defining mission is: To bring the community together to honor and praise our local high school seniors for demonstrating character, integrity, love of learning, involvement in school activities, athletics, and community service. Or the ability to overcome challenging life circumstances without compromising their education. The “heartbeat” of Student of the Month is the student who makes a difference in their home, school, and community with sincerity and passion. They must be college or trade school bound.

Since this is a Temecula Valley program, students from high schools throughout Temecula, both private and public, are invited to participate in the monthly recognition program. Collectively, the TVCC Student of the Month Program has recognized over 2,200 students since its inception. As a culminating activity, every May, students are selected from all eight participating schools as “Students of the Year.”

It is our sincere pleasure to introduce the eight Temecula high school seniors who were honored as TVCC Students of the Year on Thursday, May 10, 2018.

Chaparral High School – Andra Deaconn – Andra is described as incredible and passionate about knowledge. She has tremendous respect for the process of learning and is a role model to her peers. Andra plans to attend Yale in the fall with a dual major and eventually receive her law degree. Her principal cited that Andra’s transcript reads like a College Board course selection.

Great Oak High School – Michelle DeMers – Michelle is described as a charismatic connector. Her passions include athletics, archery, science, math, and service. She is also an exemplary academic. She plans to attend USC in the fall and looks forward to joining as many clubs as possible to keep connecting with people.

Linfield Christian HS – Mariana Arino – Mariana is described as accomplished, brilliant, a dual enrollment student, three-sport athlete, leader of the cheer program, musician, and community volunteer. Mariana will be attending UCLA in the fall studying pre-med. Her ultimate goal is to work with medical missions in other countries.

Rancho Christian HS – Jacob Davies – Jake is described as a servant leader, listener, thankful, humble, and gifted young man. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and encouraging spirit with others and hopes to one day be a part of a team involved in future space launches. Jake will be attending USC in the fall to study aerospace engineering.

Rancho Vista High School – Olivia Vasquez – Olivia is described as a responsible, motivated, above and beyond student. She sets a positive example for other students. Her principal shared that every time I see her, she brings a smile to my face. She is said to have a strong work ethic and is a brilliant example of what a student should be. Olivia plans to attend Palomar Junior College in the fall and eventually transfer to a 4-year university to study psychology.

Temecula Prep HS – Nicklas Wright – Nicklas is described as an amazing academic with an incredible heart for service. He looks forward to attending UCLA in the fall studying pre-med. He looks forward to combining his love for learning with helping people in need.

Temecula Valley High School – Andrea Hilton – Andrea is described as a “go to person” on campus. She has a passion for learning and expressed sincere gratitude for the TVHS campus community for helping her realize her goals. Andrea will be attending BYU in the fall majoring in English. Her ultimate goal is to come back and be a high school teacher at TVHS.

Susan H. Nelson High School – Mia Prim – Mia is described as an exceptional independent learner student. She currently attends SNHS 1 day a week, works two jobs, and attends college, all at the same time. At the end of this school year, she will be graduating from high school, as well as she will have completed her freshman year of college. She is a brilliant example of what a student can be. In the fall, Mia will continue junior college. Eventually, she plans to attend the University of Illinois and study pre-med for a career in kinesiology. Her goal is to carry on a family legacy of helping people out.


Left to right – Olivia Vasquez, Rancho Vista HS Nicklas Wright, Temecula Prep HS Mia Prim – Susan Nelson HS Andrea Hilton – Temecula Valley HS Michelle DeMers – Great Oak HS Jacob Davies – Rancho Christian HS

Not pictured: They were attending AP testing – Mariana Arino – Linfield Christian HS – Andra Deaconn – Chaparral HS