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Change and Educational Options in the Valley

In this season of rapid change, it was inevitable that education would change. Azusa Pacific is working hard to stay on the leading edge of that change and has brought a number of new programs to the valley in the last few years. And, thankfully, many of our partners in education have been responsive to societal change. In particular, I have been encouraged by what I have seen from Career and Technical Education at Murrieta Valley Unified School District.

Programs like MVUSD’s CTE have been around for some time but have recently returned to prominence due to the increasing awareness that many students are looking for careers that they would be able to pursue with a high school diploma and specific trade/technical education. The CTE program prepares students for their career choice by combining formal study with hands-on training. The combination of education and industry training/experience provides students with a leg-up compared to their peers outside of CTE.

Students have the opportunity to pursue training and education in a number of areas or pathways. MVUSD’s CTE includes the following pathways:

  • Arts, Media & Entertainment
  • Business & Finance
  • Education, Child Development & Family Services
  • Engineering & Design
  • Fashion & Interior Design
  • Health Science & Medical Technology
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation
  • Information & Communication Technologies
  • Public Services (Forensics & Law Enforcement)
  • Transportation

Of course, these programs are at their greatest effectiveness when local companies work with them. MVUSD continues to seek local business partners both to deepen/develop pathways and put on events like the upcoming Senior Expo, which provides students with the opportunity to learn hear from business people from pathway-connected industries. Azusa Pacific is excited to sponsor and host this event at our Murrieta Regional Campus on Thursday, March 14.

We are supporting this event because we are behind MVUSD and believe people need a variety of educational options to support their pursuits. Azusa Pacific’s addition of four new bachelor’s degree programs at the Murrieta Regional Campus over the last few years has also been driven by this belief. We are offering bachelor’s completion programs in business administration, criminal justice, psychology, and, starting this summer, digital media/communications because we recognize that many are looking for bachelor’s degree study options that allow them to build on prior coursework, develop skills, and enhance their options in the job market.

Perhaps the only thing that is consistent in society is change, which is why we remain committed to innovation in our education offerings and will continue to support education avenues like Career and Technical Education at MVUSD.

For more information or to partner with Career and Technical Education at MVUSD, contact CTE Coordinator Valerie Backus at

Written by Dr. Drake Levasheff

Drake Levasheff, PhD, Senior Director, Murrieta Regional Campus Azusa Pacific University.

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