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Temecula Valley Unified School District is Highlighting the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce’s February ‘Students of the Month’

Chaparral High School – Andres Barrera – Andres plans to attend the United States Air Force Academy. He was accepted to both the Navy and Air Force Academies. His dream is to become a pilot. Andres’ teacher shared that what stands out is his charisma and the way he treats his friends. He is someone that you want to be around. He challenges me as a teacher to be a better person and inspires me to see each kid for their amazing individual talents. He is a champion who has persevered and overcome his own personal challenges and made positive impact on those around him along the way.

Great Oak High School – Chloe Bell-Beguin – Chloe is trilingual and speaks French, Spanish, and English. She learned English quickly after moving here from France. She knows what it is like to have to adapt to new surroundings and immerse herself in new cultures. Chloe is extremely bright and dedicated to her academics, but she also displays incredible humility to achieve greatness. She grabs the opportunities ahead of her. Her goal is to be a model for young girls wanting to follow a STEM fields. She plans to attend engineering at a top university and then work internationally.

Linfield Christian High School – Benjamin Coleman – Benjamin will be attending UC Berkeley on a football scholarship in the fall. He then wants to pursue business/communications. Benjamin overcame an injury that left him sidelined for his senior year. He felt he was at the peak of his career yet couldn’t lead by the example he had always done. He learned that he didn’t let fear sideline him. “Football isn’t my only calling. My calling is to lift everyone up in their darkest moments. I can be something better than that. I can bring up a room with daily laughter and leadership in different ways.”

Rancho Christian High School – Carli Rozenko – Carli is described as a smart, talented, kind, attentive, and amazing writer. She is the kind of student that teachers fight over. Everyone knows her because of the light she brings to every room, not because she is portentous. She is the kind of girl that you want your own children to be like. She has an amazing hear, quiet, humble leader. Her plans include college and to be a future business leader.

Temecula Preparatory High School – Andrew Titus – Andrew is described as a quiet leader, talented performer, and amazing actor with an incredible stage presence. Despite some restrictions, he doesn’t let anything hold him back. He takes advantage of every opportunity. He has perseverance, is a deep thinker, and loves to be a mentor to others.

Temecula Valley High School – Emma Everett – Emma plans to attend Brigham Young University and study humanities. Emma shared that one of her close friends passed away in her junior year, unexpectedly. She wrote a tribute to him and used that platform as her goal to create open lines of communication. “Our words can change the world.” Her goal is to make all inclusive. Emma is described as intentional and a silent respected leader. She always smiles. As the school’s yearbook advisor, she has been offered a job with the yearbook company and a scholarship. Her skills have garnered her real-life application from her high school experiences.