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Azusa Pacific University Murrieta Answers Call to Teachers Shortage

Shame on me and anyone else who has gotten used to the idea that one’s career goals and dreams won’t be fulfilled.   With our Southwest Riverside County beginning to see a glimmer of prosperity returning, it’s time to think about the type of career one may want and to not just settle for “good enough.”

One meaningful career opportunity that has a growing shortage in California is teaching. Recent data show that between 2013 and 2015 there has been a 46 percent increase in Riverside County teaching position job postings. This means that qualified educators are in high demand.

The Azusa Pacific University (APU) Murrieta Campus is very aware that skilled teachers are needed to fill the widening gap in California’s school systems. Our research shows that teachers with expertise in the areas of English or special education are especially sought-after, while school counselors and school psychologists play an increasingly vital role helping children succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.

Call it a teacher shortage, teacher gap or teacher drought … APU Murrieta is committed to preparing students to step into the important and growing field of teaching. APU Murrieta currently offers evening courses in Liberal Studies for the working adult and has recently launched a new daytime program especially designed for those living and or working in Southwest Riverside County.

The new APU daytime Liberal Studies degree program is designed for transfer students who have 45 – 60 units. Students in the APU Liberal Studies program will select a specialized concentration in English, psychology, or special education. Each of these concentrations provides depth of academic discipline that prepares the student to be a successful education professional.

The APU Liberal Studies daytime program coursework integrates the latest teaching standards, including Common Core, and 100-125 hours of enriching service-learning experience in elementary school classrooms. Graduates leave the program having obtained in-classroom skills through supervised instruction in a school setting. Plus, students have the added benefit of having engaged with credentialed school faculty.

I welcome your contacting me to talk about the new APU Murrieta Liberal Studies daytime degree program. Please email me at

Written by Vickie Becker, EdD

Vickie Becker, EdD, is the Executive Director for the Azusa Pacific University Murrieta Regional Center. She may be reached at 951.304.3400 or

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