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NMA Launches New Chargeback Control Platform for its Merchant Members

National Merchants Association, a global merchant advocacy group and a leader in merchant services,   launched its new Chargeback Control Platform™ (CCP). CCP is a tool designed to intercept inbound disputes before they become chargebacks by automating the refund process and handling alerts instantaneously, effectively saving business owners money and keeping their merchant accounts in good standing.

“We know how detrimental chargebacks can be for a merchant,” said Heather Petersen, CEO, National Merchants Association. “At NMA, we understand the need to find new ways to minimize chargebacks as well as to reduce the hassle and worry that they cause business owners. Our Chargeback Control Platform helps minimize chargebacks, allowing merchants to keep more of their hard-earned money and focus on their businesses, not their chargebacks.”

Launched at the association’s Fire & Ice agent partner conference earlier this month, the Chargeback Control Platform not only intercepts inbound disputes, it also forecasts them. In addition, CCP also provides re-presentment of chargebacks to the consumers’ banks to resolve cases on behalf of members.

Unlike other third-party chargeback management companies, National Merchants Association has direct access to incoming disputes because it hosts the merchant account, allowing Chargeback Control Platform to intercept through the merchant’s CRM, gateway and at the processor level — something truly unique to the marketplace.  Chargeback Control Platform is now available to all merchants.

To become a merchant member of National Merchants Association, visit