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Dive into the New Year with More Energy, Less Stress and Better Health

I am hoping that many of you took to heart a few of the principles we talked about in the last article, and are ready to dive into the New Year with more energy, less stress and better health.  By now, most of you know that our primary goal at OsteoStrong is the prevention and elimination of osteoporosis and its horrific effects on your life.  We also know that the process of “osteogenic loading” (that’s what we do here) is exponentially more effective than any other treatment source, including bone altering medications and their side effects.  But now, after almost a year of study, research and trial and error, we are proud to offer yet another “arrow in our quiver” in the quest to conquer osteoporosis. 

What is this new and exciting advancement?  Actually, it has been used effectively here and abroad for many decades.  It is pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy, or PEMF for short.  PEMF has been utilized since the early 1900’s, although the first commercial units weren’t seen until about 1975, with the treatments focusing more on muscle, nerve and tendon structures.  It wasn’t until 1979 that the FDA recognized PEMF as an effective means of stimulating bone growth, and thus became one of the most commonly utilized therapies for healing non-union bone fractures.  Almost 20 years later, PEMF therapy was recognized as an effective treatment for urinary incontinence as well as many female related reproductive disorders.  And in 2006 PEMF was expanding its treatment spectrum into the realm of anxiety and depression with some very encouraging results. 

In today’s world, PEMF continues to be used for the issues listed above, but is more commonly utilized for bone stimulation, healing from traumatic injuries, degenerative conditions as well as pain control.  There are multiple varieties of PEMF devices in use today, but for time’s sake, let’s simplify it a bit.  Low level PEMF devices utilize an energy range which mimics the earth’s magnetic field to slightly higher.  These devices are highly effective at increasing cellular health, bone stimulation as well as reduction of pain, regardless of the source.  High level PEMF machines, which can be 10,000 times the level of the earth’s magnetic field, are primarily seen in sports injury clinics, for treating degenerative conditions as well as pain control.  There are literally thousands of studies documenting the effectiveness of PEMF devices, but I thought it would be useful to mention a few of the conditions we see on a daily basis. 

A Madigan Anny Medical Center study demonstrated over a 50% reduction in pain from Migraine Headaches in as little as 3 weeks.  A Loma University study showed that 76% of patients suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy had a substantial decrease in numbness and tingling within 6 weeks of PEMF treatment.  PEMF devices affect the body in multiple ways: mechanically, chemically, electrically as well as magnetically.  Each has its own unique healing attribute, although if we break it down, we can think of it as increasing the body’s micro-circulation by altering the cells Trans-Membrane-Potential.

By altering the TMP, “cell flexibility” is enhanced, thereby increasing circulation on a microscopic level, decreasing inflammation and substantially decreasing noxious stimuli to the pain receptors.  After 25 years in practice, I have been introduced to countless therapies, most of which are a waste of time and money.  This time however, I believe we have stumbled upon a solid contender with regards to bone health, pain relief as well cellular integrity.  So, whether its bone health issues, back and/or joint pain, balance or maybe just “feeling the years”, come visit us at OsteoStrong and start your year off right.

Yours For Better Health, Dr. Derek K. Albrecht D.C.

Written by Derek Albrecht

Dr. Derek K. Albrecht B.S., D.C., OsteoStrong Murrieta - JDG-OS Enterprises LLC

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