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You Can Build Bone Density: Science and Our Clients Prove it Everyday!

We often hear that time seems to fly by quicker as we age, and personally speaking, it couldn’t be more true. I can’t believe it has been two and a half years since OsteoStrong Murrieta opened its doors. Our mission was to save people, without the use of drugs, from the devastating effects of low bone density, also known as osteoporosis. It appears that our mission is finally getting some traction, so to speak.

With literally hundreds of members utilizing our patented BioDensity protocol, we have routinely been able to demonstrate marked improvements in bone density, all without the use of any bone altering medications.  I am excited to say that we even seeing members who have returned their bone density back to within normal levels, as demonstrated with a central Dexa Scan.  That being said, even with all the research and evidence for utilizing osteogenic loading (OsteoStrong protocol) as the premier method for reversing osteoporosis, at times I continue to hear bits of misinformation, which I would like to briefly address. 

First, osteoporosis in not a “normal” state of aging which one must accept and live with permanently.  It is a state of deconditioning which can be effectively stopped and/or reversed.  Second, it is not an issue that just happens to “other people, and not me”.  Low bone density is so prevalent that 3 out of 5 women will suffer from it and 50% of women will suffer some form of osteoporotic related fracture at some point in their life.  And remember, hip fractures arising from osteoporosis have nearly a 25% mortality rate within one year. 

The next misconception is important to take note off.  Drinking milk, eating yogurt or taking calcium supplements does not build bone density.  Without the proper stimulus to trigger bone growth, nothing happens.  The true equation goes as follows:  Adequate force (compression) on bone + proper mineral intake = bone growth. 

Think of it this way; taking extra protein powder does not make your muscles grow.  Only resistance to the muscle combined with adequate protein intake will do the trick.  And speaking of resistance training, I must lay this one myth to rest.  Nothing against weight training or going to the gym, which I believe would benefit almost everyone, but many personal trainers and health club sales people will tell you that working out with weights is an effective means of gaining bone density. 

The vast amount of research on the subject would prove otherwise.  Yes, high impact activities and heavy resistance training may slow down your bone loss, but are ineffective at stopping and even reversing osteopenia or osteoporosis.  The current research states that an axial force of at least 4.02 multiples of your bodyweight is necessary for proper osteoblast stimulation (aka- bone growth). 

This is the primary reason why osteogenic loading under the supervision of a trained technician at our OsteoStrong location is the safest, most efficient and cost effective means of attaining the strongest bones possible, all without the side effects of drugs and medications.  Throw in the added side benefits of improved balance, decreased joint and back pain along with marked increases in muscular strength, and you have a natural alternative method of improving your health and life. 

And please don’t think for a second that OsteoStrong is only for weak boned and those slightly advanced in years.  There are massive benefits to those still in their formative bone building years (under 22 that is).  So please give us a call or stop by and experience what OsteoStrong can do for you.

Yours in Better Health, Dr. Derek K. Albrecht

Written by Derek Albrecht

Dr. Derek K. Albrecht B.S., D.C., OsteoStrong Murrieta - JDG-OS Enterprises LLC

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