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Fracture Risk & Prevention

A few days ago, I was skimming through The Valley Business Journal and happened to come across my last month’s article.  After reading it through, I noticed I had placed all the emphasis on bone density and its role in fracture management, and somehow neglected a huge component regarding fracture risk and prevention.  Sure, if your bones are healthy and dense, you run a much smaller risk of breaking them if you fall; but herein lies the catch, “if you fall”.

What would it look like if your strength increased, double or even triple, to that of what it is now?  How about increasing reaction time, coordination and balance?  Just maybe if those components were enhanced, we could remove the “if you fall” from the sentence all together.  It seems fair to say that not falling in the first place may be more important than what happens to you “if you fall”.   I’ve mentioned before how osteogenic loading at OsteoStrong is the safest and most effective method known for increasing your skeletal density, but somehow underemphasized the incredible changes which take place within your body, both neurologically and muscularly, with each and every weekly OsteoStrong session.

Stability arises from a combination of strength plus coordination.

With every measure of increased stability, we can decrease our fall risk by an equal measure.  Balance and stability are often used synonymously; although not exactly the same, for our purposes, we will assume they are.  To date, more than fifty percent of our members have at least doubled their overall strength, with many tripling it, and one even increasing it by a factor of four.  We have had members shove their canes and walkers back into the closet because they no longer need them to get about the house or while shopping.  Being 50 years “young” and still very active, I often times take for granted just how important strength, balance and coordination are when you look at living a safe, productive and enjoyable life.

Please don’t take these for granted.

Those who’ve known me for a while know I like to educate rather than sell.  That being said, let’s get you educated on your “current” state of well-being.  Remember, you can’t measure progress if you don’t know where you started from.  So be proactive, call our office now and schedule a complimentary initial strength assessment and we will also complete a computerized balance and postural assessment as well.  See you soon.   Yours for Better Health, Dr. Derek Albrecht D.C.

Written by Derek Albrecht

Dr. Derek K. Albrecht B.S., D.C., OsteoStrong Murrieta - JDG-OS Enterprises LLC

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