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Why Don’t They Know?

I can’t believe that as I sit at my laptop and write this article, it has been three years since OsteoStrong was introduced to the Valley, and in reality the entire state. Nationally, OsteoStrong has grown by over 500% in that period, is now recognized and partnering with the American Bone Health organization and just recently began a strong partnership with world renown Tony Robbins as well as being brought throughout the world on an international level.

With that being said, one would wonder why physicians around the globe would not be referring every one of their osteoporotic patients to their nearest OsteoStrong location. Having been a doctor for over 25 years, I have come to a few conclusions as to why that may be. To begin with, doctors are busy people. Between treating patients, managing the office, reports and the never-ending paperwork, the last thing they probably want to do is spend time researching some new business across town. That does not mean they do not want the very best for their patients, of course they do. It means that if we followed up on every “alternative” or “new” treatment that comes across our desk, that would most likely leave little to no time to actually care for our patients.

Second, and most likely the main reason why physicians are not aggressively cross referring to OsteoStrong, is that they simply have not heard about it, or have a clear understanding of what we do. That’s fair and also the primary purpose of spreading the word about what we do. Many of you reading this journal have followed my articles for some time and have a pretty solid understanding of what OsteoStrong is and how it can benefit osteoporosis sufferers naturally, and without medication. Information is like a virus, the more people who talk about it, the faster and farther it spreads. So, I am asking for your help.

Mention us to your doctors; tell them we are more than happy to visit with them or have them stop by our office for a demonstration. One thing I know about the vast majority of physicians is this: they truly care for their patient’s wellbeing and overall health. But like I stated before, they are either overwhelmed with work or have not been informed yet, and either of these problems have an easy solution.

Opportunities often require some effort, so with a little help from you and a little information being passed between hands, we can make a major difference in someone’s life.

Written by Derek Albrecht

Dr. Derek K. Albrecht B.S., D.C., OsteoStrong Murrieta - JDG-OS Enterprises LLC

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