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What About Waxing

Summer’s here! It’s time to break out those swimsuits. There is nothing more inconvenient than shimmying into your favorite bikini and realizing you forgot to shave your legs, or worse… your bikini line. There’s a reason waxing has been around for decades and proves to be one of today’s most effective methods for unwanted hair removal. It improves the overall appearance of your skin and has other benefits that go beyond traditional shaving or laser hair removal.

It Lasts – Ever spent excess time in the shower shaving, enduring annoying cuts and razor burn, only to have your smooth shave be prickly by nightfall? That’s because shaving only removes the exposed strand of hair, often leaving us with sharp prickles after the deed is done. With waxing, however; it pulls the strand of hair from the root which leaves no room for prickles or fast re-growth.

Smooth, Even Skin – Bumps and dry skin are expected after shaving. Waxing removes the top layer of dry, dead skin cells as well as the hair. It’s a double benefit of exfoliation and hair removal. This is great for improving the overall texture and tone of the skin.

Won’t Break the Bank – Think about how often you need to replace those razors to get a close shave. Not to mention laser hair removal, which requires multiple costly sessions to achieve the results you’d like. Waxing is a cost-effective alternative to get those summer-smooth legs.

Prepping properly for waxing is also an important step to a successful waxing experience. To avoid ingrown hairs and keep your skin blemish-free it’s recommended to exfoliate the skin prior to your waxing appointment to assist in removing hair at the root. Slight redness can also occur after waxing but can be reduced by using a topical, like our MDS Soothing Recovery Lotion.

Waxing is an easy way to remove unwanted hair with results that last. If you’re a rookie to the waxing game, it’s recommended to have your waxing in a professional spa. It’s more comfortable and you’re likely to have a technician who is highly experienced.

Written by Monique deGroot

Monique deGroot is the owner of Murrieta Day Spa in Murrieta. She can be reached at (951) 677-8111.

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