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Remaining Emotionally Fit in Everyday Chaos

Albert Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

As women we mentally function from many different levels—wearing a different pair of “shoes” on each step, juggling family, work, bills, or even our own health. Granted, we attempt to keep our emotions leveled, but it can be an inevitable defeat. Balance is what we’re told we must procure for wellness; however, a balanced life is not a one-size-fits-all. Discovering a stable mental place, where happiness can flourish, while accepting despondency, is the actual key.

Often, women are taught to find optimism while placing our adverse emotions to the back. Yet, there are times when pessimism is valid, even welcomed. Suppressing our true emotions to move onto the next task is seldom favorable, emotionally, or otherwise. And with life’s challenges, finding total peace can be an emotional struggle that is partial to no one or state of mind.

However, a positive, emotional state is not only healthy, but it is also empowering, and it allows us to see the end of a journey even in the darkest of moments. Sometimes we develop conflicting feelings, but acknowledging our emotional state is an important part of self-care. There are several steps you can take to help balance your emotional state for an improved life.

  1. Allow yourself to feel and express your emotions, rationally; don’t dismiss your mental state. In fact, it’s okay to be angry, providing a rational approach is used when dissolving the issue.
  2. Ask for assistance, talk to someone you trust, or seek professional help on how to deal with your emotions.
  3. Dedicate time to yourself to reflect on your emotions, weekly. Take an Emotional Inventory. Before you start working on your emotional skills, try to measure your current emotional balance.
  4. Identify your Emotional strengths and weaknesses. Jealously and anger can be uncomfortable emotions, but they are still real factors in the realm of life. Agreeing to discuss your feelings and their related reasons will help suppress the negativity, and you’ll gain an understanding of the balance your own emotions can create within yourself.
  5. Each day, adopt quality and quiet time for yourself. Women who fail to take time to recharge their physical and emotional batteries often experience overwhelming stress and depleted wellness.

Learning different techniques will assist you on the journey to acquiring emotional balance. If you, or someone you know, are having difficulty balancing emotionally, contact The Walters Group for a 60-minute complimentary consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

Dr. Candace is CEO for The Walters Group. Dr. Candace often affirms “Not every woman requires therapy, most of us just need an accountability partner”. Contact number is 951-541-4986.