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Don’t Let Your Mind Bully Your Body.

Body Image has taken its toll on mature women, especially those over forty who have struggled silently with how they perceive themselves physically; and social media, magazines, and other propaganda outlets haven’t made the transition easy for a mature woman to embrace her body.

Body Image is a mental picture of how one views and feels about the size, shape, and appearance of herself. Although a woman should not only be able to take responsibility for her feelings about her own body but should also feel comfortable with her appearance, the majority often disagrees. Most mature women romanticize with the notion that they could and should be smaller than they are.

Recent statistics have demonstrated that women aged fifty and over are becoming increasingly unsatisfied with their current body image. This is probably the reason why a recent survey has shown that seventy percent of them are currently trying to lose weight while seventy nine percent believe weight and shape provides a reasonable to highly important part of self-concept. According to the survey, seventy percent of those women were unhappy with their weight and figure compared to when they were younger, and an alarming eighty four percent were quite dissatisfied with their mid-section.

As we mature in age, so do our bodies, which often changes for several reasons, such as childbirth, illness, stress, gravity, and life itself. It is typical to mentally compare our previous physique with our current mental state; however, we must align body, mind, and soul, since they’re all linked in some ways.

Often times our minds create an illusion of what things should be instead of what they really are, but that’s just blatant self-sabotage on our person. Physical change might range from greatly undesirable to a slight alteration; however, change is inevitable and should be accepted as such. As women, we must learn to embrace our bodies, and if we want to change something, it should be on our own terms, not on what has been conjured from others or society.

Acceptance is the key to body image. Women experience incredible changes in their bodies as we climb that ladder to an age of maturity and beyond.

The view on body image concerns are ubiquitous, which can lead to unhealthy eating habits or indifferent clinical eating behaviors. Some women are more susceptible than others, but practicing self-awareness, self-care, and self-love will help greatly and defend against outside sabotage and criticism of a woman’s natural body image.

Tips for mentally improving body image:

  • Celebrate what your body can do.
  • List 5 things you like about your body.
  • See yourself in the mirror as a whole person.
  • Think positive! You are the poison and the cure.
  • Dress for you! Be comfortable!
  • Remember, social media and TV is only entertainment.
  • Get out of your head, and use that time for something productive, not bullying you.
  • Do something nice for your body—massage, mani-pedi, haircut . . .

Practice healthy self-care and mentally grow with your body. Freedom is loving you, unapologetically.

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Written by Dr. Candace Walters

Candace E Walters is a Therapist and Integrated Transformational Specialist. Dr. Candace specialty is Anxiety Disorders and Personality Disorders regrading women. Dr. Candace approach is personal, direct, and compassionate with a knee to knee system NO couch’s.

Dr. Candace is CEO for The Walters Group. Dr. Candace often affirms “Not every woman requires therapy, most of us just need an accountability partner”. Contact number is 951-541-4986.

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