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Bioenergy Therapy

Every part of your body – from the bottom of your big toe to the top of your skull – is organized and self- regulated by the wisdom that made your body. But there’s one area that is the center of much of our nerve function. It’s called the sub-occipital triangle, in the upper neck area. This area has the most concentrated area of mechanoreceptors in your entire body. They respond to physical pressure or changes and allow you to detect touch, monitor the position of your muscles, bones, and joints, and detect sounds and the motion of your body.

Recent research has proven that when these muscles are tight or tense they affect the membrane covering the brain and the spinal column, called the dura mater. This can lead to painful trigger points that can cause headaches (including migraines), back and neck pain, and referred pain throughout the body.

Bioenergy Therapy is specifically aimed at releasing tension in the dysfunction of muscles, fascia, and nerve and blood vessels in the upper neck. It’s an advanced innovation in wellness care that starts with gentle vibrations on upper neck muscles. It’s totally non-invasive and drug-free and uses a specially designed instrument that produces 12 gentle percussions per second.

The vibratory action on these muscles causes these muscles to relax, increasing their blood supply and supply of nutrients, while releasing pain-producing metabolic waste products. By working directly on the muscles in the sub-occipital triangle region, Bioenergy Therapy directly affects the brain, where all pain, stiffness and dysfunction, originate. After relaxing this area, the brain can return to doing what it does best: helping us to better adapt to internal and external stressors and making possible our highest expression of health and vitality.

Dr. Terry A. Rondberg developed the Bioenergy Therapy. He now owns and operates the Temecula Wellness Center in Temecula. For more information call 951-699-5000.