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Common Air Conditioning Problems

As a homeowner if you have not yet run into Heating and Air Conditioning problems eventually you will. Sometimes the problem can just be minor and other times it could mean the whole system needs to be replaced. The following is a list of common problems that can arise with A/C units:

The A/C unit occasionally stops working and sometimes it doesn’t turn on at all – check your circuit breakers and your fuses first. Also, make sure your thermostat is set to cool below the current temperature. Make sure all power switches are turned on.

The unit is making unusual noises – check to see if the blades in the fan unit outside are dirty. Make sure the A/C unit is turned off first.

The evaporator coils have frost on them – if the outside temperature drops below 60°, it may cause frost to build up on the coils of the evaporation unit. The moment you see that this is happening, turn the unit off.

Refrigerant is leaking – if the unit has not been installed properly or is low on refrigerant, it may start leaking. However, adding refrigerant may not be the solution to the problem. You should give WC Heating and Air Conditioning a call and explain what is happening.

The air conditioner is leaking – if water appears to be leaking inside of your A/C unit, this indicates that the unit is not cooling properly and may be an indication that the cooling coil is freezing over. Insufficient airflow and low refrigerant are typically the causes for this leakage.

The temperature in the room does not match the thermostat’s temperature – your thermostat may need re-calibrating or replacing if the temperature shown is higher than the air temperature in the room. If it is properly calibrated, then the thermostat may not be located in a place where it can sense the temperature of the air in the room.

The air isn’t cooling off and the A/C is running – usually this means the A/C unit needs to be cleaned. You may want to check the larger copper lines that exit the condenser. If the line is warm, this could indicate compressor failure. If the line feels cold, there could be problems with the airflow.

If you are having any of the problems listed above, it is recommended that you give us a call at WC Heating and Air Conditioning (951) 600-0700. We will send out one of our experienced technicians to professionally evaluate and fix the problem.