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Top 5 EASY Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

by Dr. Aimee Warren

Research shows that most Americans gain between 1-2 pounds during the holidays. It doesn’t sound like much but multiply that over some years and it can become a big problem – especially because we don’t usually lose the weight after the holidays are over (despite those darn New Year’s resolutions). Don’t get derailed this holiday season! Use these five easy tips to keep yourself on track — your skinny jeans will thank you for it.

  1. Plan ahead. Before heading out to your holiday party, create food goals for yourself and write them down! Come up with a meal plan that will allow you to enjoy a few of your favorite holiday treats but still keeps your calorie intake in check. This simple step of thinking and planning ahead forces you to be mindful of your food intake before you’re faced with all the devilish goodness that will taunt and beckon you.
  1. 2)Create new family holiday rituals that involve getting outside.Instead of everyone migrating to the couch and the big screen after your holiday meal, grab grandma and get outside. Make it a tradition that the whole family walk the neighborhood or play flag football or go for a hike after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Not only will it burn some extra calories, but it will keep you from the continued snacking and overeating that can occur while everyone is just hanging around the kitchen all evening.  


  1. 3)Don’t go to any party hungry.Going along with #1 above, don’t just plan your meal for the party, plan to eat before you go. Many times before a holiday event we will avoid eating much during the day to “save” some calories for the party. The problem with this is that by the time you get to the party, you are ravenous and will tend to overeat. Instead, eat lots of veggies the day of the party; they are loaded with fiber and nutrients that will keep you from getting too hungry and will keep your calorie intake on track.


  1. 4)Keep a drink in your hand.Keeping a drink in your hand will make it harder for you to reach over to that buffet of badness. Occupy your hands with a low calorie cocktail or better yet, seltzer water with lemon. If you are planning on drinking alcohol, limit yourself to two and be sure to alternate every other drink with seltzer or lemon water.


  1. 5)Keep healthy snacks with you at all times.We’ve all been there – Christmas shopping all day and our sustenance has consisted of Starbucks and a piece of hard candy we found at the bottom of our purse. This is a recipe for a caloric disaster because as we all know the mall isn’t the best place to find healthy food choices.  Pack a small baggie of raw almonds, sliced apples, and sliced veggies with hummus; try to eat small meals and snacks throughout the day.

Using these five super simple tips will keep you on the right path so you won’t need those blasted New Year’s weight loss resolutions.  We at the Kairin Clinic wish you and yours a very happy, healthy holiday season (I can’t believe it’s here already!!). Cheers!

Written by Aimee Warren

Dr. Aimee Warren is the Medical Director at Kairin Clinic, Temecula Valley’s leading medical boutique. To learn more about their unique integrative practice, visit their website: or call (951) 225-1003.

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