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Miracles Happen

At Temecula Valley Hospital (TVH), miracles happen every day. Patients have expressed their gratitude in a number of ways, from letters received at the hospital to sending flowers and notes to physicians, employees and volunteers. Hospital Week is celebrated this year the week of May 10th through the 16th. This is an opportunity for us to recognize and share our appreciation to the dedicated staff at TVH for their continued professional and compassionate care. We have received over 1300 compliments from patients and family members on the care they have received while at TVH.

Dr. Ho, the Director of Cardiology received a lovely letter from a patient who expressed her heartfelt thanks with, “I’m still not sure why the stars aligned that evening to have you perform cardiac emergency surgery on me… For me it can only have been God’s plan. I would have surely died that night due to total blockage… I will be forever grateful to have met you, been treated by you, and saved by you (in more ways than you will ever know). Be assured I will not waste this gift you have given me. My family and I will pay it forward, every day in every way, to try and justify the gift.”

Darlene Wetton, CEO, received a letter from a patient grateful to the emergency department staff in these words, “I can never express enough in words my gratitude to all of your staff who played a role in saving my life not just once that evening, but three times. After the incident, I have come to learn just how serious my heart attack was. I have been told the LAD is nicknamed the Widow Maker, and less than 20% of people who go into cardiac arrest because of the LAD are successfully revived. I am truly a lucky man to have survived my ordeal, but luck was only a small part of it. If it were not for your dedicated, highly trained, and skilled professionals, I would not be here today.”

In a note to the Director of the Emergency Department, Nurses Joanna Welch and Montie Leach were recognized with these words, “…Words cannot express how we feel. Their nursing expertise, knowledge, calming presence, smiling faces, gentle touch helped my husband to calm down and understand exactly what was happening. Their quick actions contributed to his stabilization.”

Sometimes we are in such a hurry to live our lives that we don’t take the time to notice that miracles do happen. Temecula Valley Hospital would like to thank all of our physicians, employees and volunteers for their outstanding contributions to exceptional quality care. They are miracle workers.