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Temecula Valley Hospital – The Gift of Life

Temecula Valley Hospital is proud of its partnership with One Legacy in supporting a strong organ donation process. One Legacy is the non-profit organization in our area dedicated to their mission of saving and healing lives through organ and tissue donation, comforting the families they serve, and inspiring our community to Donate Life.

Stories of organ donation are often shared to stress the importance of how this vital decision can save many lives through the tragedy of a loved one’s passing. Two recent stories of the ultimate gift of life occurred at Temecula Valley Hospital.

In December of 2015, a young woman in her thirties was admitted to the ICU at Temecula Valley Hospital after a cardio pulmonary arrest (post CPA). As a result of her decision to become a registered donor, Donate Life was able to honor the donor’s gift and three lives were saved. A 27 year old female received her left kidney, a 47 year old female received the right kidney, and her liver saved a 53 year old male.

In March of this year, a woman in her forties was admitted to the ICU after a fatal fall and was declared brain dead. Her life was honored with the donation of a left kidney to a 34 year old female, a right kidney to a 43 year old male, and a double lung to a 50 year old female. Countless others will have improved lives through her tissue donation and bone recovery. These gifts provide a second chance at enhancing the quality of life for numerous individuals.

It is only fitting that Temecula Valley Hospital acknowledges the families of these generous donors and thank them for making the difficult decision to give the gift of life. We are honored and humbled by their courage. As a result of their giving, many donor recipients across the country will be celebrating their new lease on life with their families.

Temecula Valley Hospital is located at 31700 Temecula Parkway, and brings advanced technology, innovative programs, patient-centered and family sensitive care to area residents. The hospital features 140 private patient rooms, 24 hour a day emergency care, advanced cardiac and stroke care, orthopedics and general medical care and surgical specialties.

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