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An Estate Love Note

Wine, flowers, chocolate. A candlelit dinner, a horse drawn carriage ride through the park. There are so many ways to say “I love you”. While it may not ring as romantic as a Sinatra love song, estate planning can also be a real expression of love and devotion. In fact, there’s even a special name for one plan: the “I Love You” will.

The “I Love You” will is disarmingly simple. It’s a basic will where each spouse simply leaves everything to the other. Romantic? Yes. Practical? For most couples, no. At least not for very long. An “I Love You” will may be a nice place to start, but with the passage of time and the inevitable twists and turns that life brings us, it’s no place to finish. Like love, an estate plan grows and changes over time.

That’s what makes it so unique, so special. Now is the perfect time to celebrate the gift of love in all its memorable expressions. Make time to really show love to your special someone by setting up an Estate Plan before it’s too late.

Written by Jeffrey C. Nickerson

Jeff Nickerson is an Estate Planning Attorney with The Law Office of Jeffrey C. Nickerson, located at 29970 Technology Drive, Suite 209, in Murrieta. For further information, call 951-200-4921.

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