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How to Get Your Very Own Agent Q

Law Office of Jeffrey C. Nickerson, Estate Planning Attorney & Special Needs Planning

I know you have thought about it. Strolling into headquarters, ready to take on your next international assignment? Before you pack up the snazzy tuxedo or slinky black dress, you first stop off in the research and development division of a National Intelligence Unit for the latest gadgets. Q was always there to be sure James had the very best protection possible. Believe it or not, you too can have someone watching out for you at the time you need it most. All it takes is the very simple action of executing a comprehensive Power of Attorney – something it takes less than five minutes to complete.

A Power of Attorney can be as broad or narrow as you choose, but if you haven’t done one at all, you are stuck without anyone to help. Stuck until a court determines who should be appointed and what power he or she will have. (A sobering though indeed!) While all this “appointing” process is happening, you are hanging out of that airplane with no parachute or fancy glider turned boat as you hit the water. Although we may think this sort of thing won’t happen to us, but unfortunately it does (well maybe not falling out of a plane exactly but you know what I mean).

Instead, a little bit of proactive paperwork, and you too can assign your very own Agent Q (or any other alphabet letter you choose) to be watching your back if you become ill or incapacitated, even if it is just a temporary spell.

Written by Jeffrey C. Nickerson

Jeff Nickerson is an Estate Planning Attorney with The Law Office of Jeffrey C. Nickerson, located at 29970 Technology Drive, Suite 209, in Murrieta. For further information, call 951-200-4921.

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