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Looking at Business from Different Views

There are many reasons to introduce change within a business. Declining business revenues, changing environments or the desire to take it to a new level are common. When it is decided that change must take place, developing a solution requires a systematic approach to ensure its success. One method involves looking at the business from different views that answer specific questions. Together the four views enable the solution team to understand the needs of the stakeholders and describe and motivate the solution.

Take the example of a fictional business XYZ that runs up against the challenge of dropping revenues due to its competition embracing new forms of technology. The solution is proposed to upgrade and expand its own use of technology.

First, the business view asks the question, why is there a need to the current situation and what business process are currently not working? XYZ may document that change is required to increase revenue and remain competitive along with reducing costs that may erode profits. It would also define the project goals and how success will be measured.

Secondly, a functional view asks what solution the change will bring about. Will there be new ways of delivering product or services?

Who is involved and what qualities must the solution have? Functionally, XYZ may be looking at an increase in web traffic, more of the business taking place at the edge of the internet and any other digital transformation steps appropriate to meet the challenge.

Thirdly, the tactical solution states how the solution should work. It demonstrates the structure and how it will be constructed ensuring that all components of the business work together for success. In our example, customers may now be using a phone app or website to view products online, order ahead or find out what’s new at the company. There may be less interaction with store employees.

The fourth, an implementation point of view defines “with what” the solution will be built? What is needed from the vendors and internal partners to build the solution? What time restrictions have to be complied? XYZ may be implementing a new phone app or upgraded website. Enhanced search engine options (SEO) improvements may also be applied.

Change can be difficult but with planning the right direction for a successful transformation journey can be set no matter what the business requirement.

Written by Ted Saul, Sr. Staff Writer

Ted Saul is a business coach that assists with Business Plans and Project Management. He holds a master certificate in project management and has earned his MBA from Regis University. Ted can be reached on LinkedIn, TedS787 on Twitter or emailing

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