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  • Please provide a short paragraph on when and why you moved to Temecula.

My family and I relocated to Temecula in August of 2018. Prior to finding our home in Temecula, we have lived in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Idaho. We came to Temecula for two things. First was for my career and the unbelievable chance to serve as a leader at Temecula Valley Hospital. Second was to finally live in a place where I no longer have to shovel snow!

  • Are you affiliated with any programs/associations in the area?

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I actively look for ways to support our community through service opportunities. I am a member of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and the American College of Healthcare Executives.

  • What is your business philosophy?

In movies and television you often head the phrase “It isn’t personal…it’s business.” I could not disagree with this more. It does not matter the job or the industry, customers deserve to have personal and individualized service. Excellence in service should drive every interaction we have, weather it is with an employee or a customer. It makes us more compassionate and empathetic to do so – and the world could use a little bit more of these two traits.

  • What are your team/department’s goals?

Healthcare is a very difficult industry. I have great respect for the healthcare workers who exhaust themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally each day. There should never be a day where a dedicated and hardworking healthcare worker goes home feeling like they haven’t contributed to making someone’s life better. My goal is make it easier for the team to feel great about what they do.

  • Who are your mentors? What is the best advice you have received from them?

I learn more from my wife and children than they will ever understand or fully appreciate. They are more than mentors, but rather heroes. I have three boys at home (11, 7, and 2 months). My wife made unmatchable sacrifices to bring our youngest boy into the world. Her example is unquestionably the best mentor or example I will ever have.

  • Are you interested in any sports? Do you play any in your free time?

I enjoy sports, but except for golf and shooting hoops in the driveway, I am officially retired. I enjoy watching and following the NBA. My father grew-up in the greater LA area and I am a genuine Lakers fan.

  • Random Facts
    • I worked as a milk deliveryman for 5 years as I put myself through college. As a milkman I made over 200,000 deliveries and delivered over 2 million lbs of milk.
    • I used to compete in amateur BBQ cooking competitions. After I won my first competition in the “best burger” division I decided to retire as a champion.
    • As a child I once took the challenge to lick to the center of Tootsie-Pop. It took 1,556 licks.
  • Where were you born?

Idaho Falls, ID