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Oscar Babb has been a resident of Murrieta and arrived to the Inland Valley in May of 2012. We came to the city of Murrieta back then and we lived in a very small apartment. A few months after that we opened our first business and about to close escrow on our first home. It was a very exciting time and we were thrilled to be able to open in the city of Temecula, this dream.


We are proud to be affiliated with our local Chambers of Commerce as well as others from outside the valley. I am part of advisory committee of several organizations from the Inland Valley all the way to the Coachella valley.


I was raised by hard-working family and in my career as a culinarian I experienced first hand that if you have dedication and passion for what you do there is not limit to what you can accomplish. My business philosophy is that transparency will always be a great tool for great business results. I clearly remember this phrase every day: nothing either good or bad will happen if nothing is done.


My favorite sport is soccer. I really enjoy watching it and I used to play it when I was little. At this time I am practicing golf and at this time you can not call I do “playing golf” but I do enjoy my time doing it.


I have had my fair share of issues with my back so my goal at this time is to be and stay healthy, also to continue to grow with our ventures and grow with them at the same pace that we have done so far.


I am proud to say that a great part of who I am today in our business ventures I have learned from John G. This man has open great doors for me and has taught me a great deal, so my sincere gratitude to him.


To say only one book it would be very challenging, but I sincerely have enjoyed: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss and The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd. Each one has opened my mind to interesting and different things.


I have been in the culinary and service industry for more than 20 years. I have opened hotels, bars and restaurants in Europe as well as in the United States.


Palm Springs, CA