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I Buy Ugly Houses!

In my decades in real estate, I’ve run into more people than I can count who have told me they want to sell their home, but it would cost too much to make the necessary repairs to get a good price for it. I tell them “nonsense!”

I know what it takes to sell a home. I know where you need to spend money and I know where you can avoid repairs. I have developed relationships with a number of contractors over the years that know what I’m looking for and help save my clients and me a lot of money.

If you want to sell your home, but think you’ll have to spend more money than it’s worth to list it, think again. Give me a call and let me take a look. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised by what I find. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint and a thorough carpet cleaning can work wonders! Often, we make home repair loans to sellers to assist them with the cost of repairs that are needed to sell their home quickly and for top dollar.

If you prefer, I’ll come by and inspect your home and make you a cash offer. You won’t need to do a thing. It’s fast and simple and I do all the work. If you think selling your home is hopeless, think again. You’ll be very surprised when you learn what possibilities exist.