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42 Years Experience in Real Estate

Anyone can get a real estate license. Granted, it’s not easy, but having a license doesn’t mean you understand the intricacies of a multi-faceted business. Every single transaction is different. No two are alike. My 42 years as a REALTOR gives me the experience that simply obtaining a license can’t possibly do.

A client recently asked me why he was being charged for title insurance and transfer taxes. Even though the charge for title insurance states it’s optional, I was able to explain to him the title insurance has always been the seller’s responsibility as are the transfer taxes.

His home sold quickly in a market that was turning soft. I reminded him I received my real estate license in 1976 and spent my first 13 years as a lender. I have been a real estate investor and have handled a large number of “flips.” Since 2004 I’ve had my own escrow division. I’ve worked with a prominent tax attorney for 28 years. I said to him once “All the deals you give me are really difficult.” His reply was “If they were easy, they wouldn’t need to hire an attorney to sell their house.”

I’m proud of my team, including my partner Wanda Andreas. Together we have purchased and rehabbed many properties and have gained a lot of expertise along the way. Wanda’s decorating skills are amazing. She’s a whiz at interior, exterior and landscaping.

When you list with me, my goals are:

1. Sell your property with the least amount of inconvenience.
2. Apply a great marketing plan, starting with a “turn-key” house and a talented photographer.
3. Sell the property quickly.
4. Carefully screen the buyer to make certain they qualify.
5. Sell the property for TOP DOLLAR!
6. Carefully monitor all processes making sure they flow in a timely manner.

I’m Scott Chappell and I invite you to call me at (951) 313-4350 or email me at I look forward to a smooth and successful transaction with you.