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How to Avoid 1031 Exchange Nightmares

Just the other day I was talking with my eviction attorney and I told him that I offer 1031 Exchange Accommodator Services. He told me he didn’t know that and had just done 1031 Exchange six months previously. He felt that the fees that he paid were high and the service was poor. I’m Scott Chappell, and I hear stories all the time about people who felt they over paid for their services and complained about poor communications with their Accommodator. Their Accommodator did not meet their expectations as professionals.

1031 Exchanges are extremely tricky, and one mistake can literally cost you thousands of dollars. In a nutshell, when you sell a property, you can defer a taxable gain if you purchase a “like for like” property within 180 days. You must identify the replacement property in writing within 45 days. It’s a very complex process and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can cost you dearly!

I’ve been doing 1031 Exchanges for more than ten years now, and I’ve encountered nearly every situation you can imagine. Time after time people tell me what their 1031 Exchange services cost them. They could be saving money. I recently did a survey of rates charged by other 1031 Exchange Accommodators, and my fees are much more reasonable.

If you’re looking for an Accommodator with awesome service and great fees, give me a call. Contact me at 951 313-4350 or shoot me an email at