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My Career Path and Life has Taken Me on Many Twists and Turns.

Life is meant to be pursued and I have always looked at the glass half-full filled with lemonade! I spent the first 50 years of my life in Chicago. I pursued a career in the criminal justice field after obtaining my BA and MA in Criminal Justice at the University of Illinois in Chicago. I’ve had many jobs in the field but settled into a 20-year career as a United States Probation Officer. I raised two young men. My oldest is a commercial pilot. My youngest has just begun a career in flipping houses. After retiring from my position with the Federal Government, I moved to Southern California in pursue of the sun and ocean. I’ve lived in the high desert, in various beach communities and ultimately landed in the Temecula Valley. I am committed to this area. It fits nicely into my midwestern roots and values.

I began my real estate career two years ago and found that this career really is about connecting people to services and that has been a life-long commitment of mine. Now I connect people to homes. I found a career where I don’t feel a need to take a vacation. I absolutely love my career, my colleagues, my team members and my new-found friends in the industry and as clients. The process of engaging, meeting and connecting with people cannot be viewed as work. It is in my blood to be social Don’t be fooled I am one smart and organized cookie for sure!

I represent the best interests of my clients selling their homes and in the purchase of their next perfect home. I am constantly asked, “When is the best time to buy or sell?”. My answer is, unless you are a real estate investor, the best time is when it meets your family’s current needs. Yes, there are financial pros and cons, but for the most part it must make sense for your lifestyle and your family. Talk to a professional Realtor before stressing out about what makes sense. We can quickly assess your situation and give you a fair assessment of the transaction. No one has a crystal ball regarding the overall market conditions however, the mortgage rates are great right now!