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2017 Holiday Tech Gift Ideas

Once again, the tech industry has provided many new innovative products for this year’s holiday giving. Here are some of the highlights to help find the perfect gift. Smart phone cameras keep getting better and so are the add-ons. Lens are available that can provide anything from fisheye to telephoto effects. Attach a selfie LED to your camera to capture that special picture in the darkest setting. Selfie artists will appreciate a remote allowing them to mount their phone farther than an arm’s length away. Speaking of cameras, dash cams are popular this year too. There are many to choose from, including some that mount on rearview mirrors and others right to dashboards to document a road trip or provide evidence in the case of an accident.

Very popular again with additional features are devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo to allow among other things control of music, finding information and checking weather simply by voice command. If you like to listen to your music by or in the pool, there are a number of waterproof speakers fed by Bluetooth connections. Carry it with you as you comfortably float with no worry of an accidental splash or dip into the water. For the shopper, new easy to carry devices that allow the scanning of bar codes from items and have them automatically saved to an electronic shopping list for later review. No need to clutter your phone camera with these pictures any longer. Simply click, scan and the data is saved. Of course, all these devices will require power and the necessary recharging. Look for new styles of chargers that can power up three or more devices at once in the car or from the wall.

There are new generations of charging stations to allow tidy storage of phones, tablets or other devices while charging. It eliminates clutter while efficiently preparing your device for use. Finally, for the traveler a new generation of luggage with features such as automatically weighing themselves preventing those embarrassing and expensive overage fees. In addition, GPS is built-in to help you locate your suitcase in case of loss. Not far away are robotic versions to autonomously follow you through the airport freeing up your hands. Find these items and many more by using your favorite search engine. Happy shopping!

Ted Saul is a business coach and writer that assists with Business Plans and Project Management. He holds a master certificate in project management and has earned his MBA from Regis University. Ted can be reached on LinkedIn, TedS787 on Twitter or emailing