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Protecting Your Phone

If you lost your smart phone today, how would you manage?

For some it’s just a phone and easily replaced but for many it’s a tool that manages their life. A handheld device can store personal information that includes credit cards, passwords and calendars to remind the owner where to be at a given time. And even though the tool is in our possession most of the day, it still needs to be protected. Some of these steps may seem obvious but procrastination can step in so that your information is put at risk.

Get started with a strong locking password to prevent access if the device is lost or stolen. As with any computer password it should be difficult to guess and not made up of birthdates, anniversaries or similar type numbers. Keeping the operating system updated ensures the latest security fixes are installed.

For security purposes manufacturers typically do not document the vulnerabilities that have been addressed. Consider purchasing and implementing software that tracks your phone’s location in case of loss. Some have the ability to remotely wipe the disk if it has fallen into malicious hands. Understand what is running on your phone by reviewing the installed apps. Many times a download of one app will trigger the installation of a second that is of no interest to you. While they may be innocent applications just trying to capture your time there is also the possibility that they may be there for other purposes.

If unsure, do an Internet search of the app name before using. Go through and organize your phone using groups to combine like apps. Deleting unused apps can be like cleaning out your closest which not only removes clutter but makes it easier to find what you really need. Take advantage of backup solutions.

Most providers use the cloud but if necessary find a method with which you are most comfortable. Finally, once everything on the phone has been secured don’t overlook the physical device. Purchase a case that will protect it from the harshest environment to which it might be exposed. This can range from water proofing to simply protecting from drops. You may have paid a few hundred to a thousand dollars for the phone so don’t try and get by with a cheap case. And remember that your personal data is worth much more.

Ted Saul is a business coach and writer that assist with Business Plans and Project Management. He holds a master certificate in project management and has earned his MBA from Regis University. Ted can be reached on LinkedIn, TedS787 on Twitter or emailing