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Paula Arlich Plays Classics of the Heart

When Paula Arlich returned from summer camp at age eight, she announced to her mother “I need to have a piano.” Her love affair with the keyboard apparently began when she was three, although she doesn’t remember it. She began formal piano lessons at age four and began writing music when she was 12. “I can’t imagine a day without music.”

She’d sit down at the piano with a tape recorder and record what she had written. She released a CD of original compositions called Ray of Hope, available for download at When I asked her if she had other CDs in the works, she said yes, but other projects keep popping up and putting those on hold. Sea of Dreams (inspired by artists she loves like Yiruma), Classics of the Heart (classical music), Living In Harmony (a Guilty Conscience Project), Holiday Classics and Reflective Memories (some of her mom’s favorite songs).

Paula met her husband Mark Cloud in 2005 at Broadway Starz, where she was in charge of a youth orchestra. Mark’s son Jaren played saxophone, and about a year later she and Mark met. Jaren mentioned his dad played guitar and Paula asked why he wasn’t in the band, Mark said he didn’t want to interfere with Jaren’s project. He then joined the band and that was the beginning of the Guilty Conscience Band.

Guilty Conscience still plays, though they have had several vocalists through the years, including Kristina Rasband, who sings with them from time to time, as well as Ashley and Roberta Heim. She and Mark went on a cruise with the Heims and wound up playing a bit on the ship. The cruise director asked her “why aren’t you playing on my ship?” They have always wanted to promote young musicians. Kristina and Jaren were both 14 when they joined the band. They have been active participants in Boys and Girls Club Idol, currently being revamped and will relaunch with a new name.

Paula plays solo at Anthony’s in Old Town Murrieta every other Tuesday and at the Pechanga Piano Bar every other Friday. You can hear Guilty Conscience at Anthony’s, Baily’s in Old Town Temecula and at several local wineries. The performance calendar is on Paula’s website and on They are also all over social media including Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Written by Tom Plant

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