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Good Day

AE GoodDay-Graphicby Steve Haubrick


Do you ever over sleep or get stuck in really bad traffic and then quickly label the day as being bad? Do you sometimes think to yourself how bad tomorrow might be because you have to deal with someone you don’t like or do an activity that you detest? This is all in your attitude and perspective. Every day is a good day, only you can make it a bad day. I heard someone say this when I was younger and it is so true.


Think about the last time you thought you had a bad day. What made it a bad day? Did you die? Did you lose a limb? Did you lose a close family member? Could you not think of one positive thing that happened that day? To simplify things, it is like looking at glass filled with water halfway. Is the glass half full or half empty?


Every day is defined by you and only you. If you have a meeting scheduled with someone you don’t like, do not immediately designate it as bad. If you have an activity that you despise, do not assume that you will hate it. I recently knew someone who had a meeting with a colleague who she hated. She was dreading the meeting. However, the meeting went great as they all were laughing and cheering throughout the meeting for each other.


Life is about having the right perspective. When you go into something without negative expectations, you will gain the most out of it. However, you will hold back or not even try when you go with a defeatist attitude right from the beginning. For example, if you think a meeting will suck, 95% likely it will suck because you already labeled it so.


Go through life with a positive attitude. Make each day a good day and see how great things will be. Should you have any questions about the game or want to find out more details about soccer, feel free to contact me at“>


Steve Haubrick is the MYSL/Murrieta Surf Soccer Club President