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Spirit of Innovation Announces Changes

Each month, JDS Creative Academy presents Spirit of Innovation, the only magazine-style news outlet for Southwest Riverside County. Spirit of Innovation has become a staple to Riverside County residents, being the go-to source for news and information about RivCo’s residents, community events, businesses, weather and traffic. In the latest episode, which dropped June 30, 2022, JDSCA co-founders, Scott and Diane Strand stepped out from behind-the-scenes to co-host and inform viewers about the upcoming changes as the show enters its fifth season.

The Strands rang in the June episode by introducing the show’s new set! As they welcome many new changes, a change of scenery brings a breath of fresh air to the show. A new set exemplifies how the show continues to transform and evolve as Spirit of Innovation heads into its fifth year of production. 

The Strands and the #JDSFamily said “good-bye” to host, Mia Digenan, due to her decision to step down from her role on Spirit of Innovation to spend more time with her family. They sent Mia off with well wishes for a speedy recovery from her torn achilles tendon injury as she undergoes surgery and begins her path to healing. 

Following Mia’s step down, the creative team at JDS Creative Academy has decided to reorganize the structure of the show. JDS Creative Academy’s team will be inviting the community to join in hosting episodes of Spirit of Innovation. Viewers can look ahead to seeing innovators, community leaders, inspiration gurus, job-training program participants, JDSCA board members, and various industry professionals host the show. These changes will go hand-in-hand with fresh ideas and content as Spirit of Innovation continues to fill the media void in Riverside County, providing important good-to-know and need-to-know information. JDS Creative Academy is proud to use its platform to spotlight community businesses, community leaders, and other Riverside County nonprofits while also providing interesting impact segments featuring timely coverage on Riverside County legislation and monthly hot topics.

To watch the most recent episode of Spirit of Innovation, you can visit for all things “need-to-know” and “good-to-know” in Riverside County news. Follow the #JDSFamily on all social media outlets to get involved and keep up with future updates and opportunities.