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Summer Sun and Creative Fun

JDS Creative Academy Logo

Hot off the press, and no, we are not talking about the weather, JDS Creative Academy just wrapped its Spring Showcase and Lion King Jr Production!

On May 20th and 21st, JDS Creative Academy hosted its annual Spring Showcase in which students showcased their independent work from the Spring classes and the Musical Theater Students showcased their performance of Lion King Jr! The weekend proved to be a complete success as the students beamed with passion as they played to a full house.

The production was directed by JDS Creative Academy Co-Founder and Studio Director Scott Strand, with musical direction by Sheila Ryle and choreography by Angelina Renteria. The cast consisted of all ages and wow, did they bring the house down!

JDS Creative Academy is a local nonprofit organization that is a hub for career growth in the arts. JDS believes in inclusion, diversity, and opportunity for all students of all ages who want to level up their creativity. Some upcoming events include Summer Camp, Fall Classes, Haunted Studio, and Winter Showcase.

Speaking of upcoming events, let’s talk about the JDS awesome Summer Camp! This hands-on creative, educational and engaging camp is for ages ten and up. It is a two-week intensive fun camp where students are given a fairytale moral to follow, and with that, they improv and create an entire play from the ground up. The Summer Campers build the sets, props, and costumes; they improv, write, rehearse, and then perform the play at the end of the two weeks. Students in this two-week camp learn how to collaborate, work in a team setting, grow self-confidence, and develop natural leadership skills through trial and compromise. This year’s Summer Camp dates are June 19-30, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. However, enrollment is nearly full, so register your students as soon as possible for some summer creative fun. You can do so by calling the studio at 951-296-6715.

After a cheerful and informative Summer Camp, JDS Creative Academy will roll out its new semester of Fall Classes the week of August 28th! Classes will include a Design and Backstage Production Course, a Scriptwriting Course, a Photography Class, and a Musical Theater Class. Those who participate in any of these semester classes will have the opportunity to be part of their Winter Showcase Exhibition in December, which means being able to take the stage and perform for yourself!

Spring has sprung and Summer is coming, and there are still plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with the #JDSFamily. Whether you are interested in acting classes, taking the stage and expressing your talent, volunteer opportunities to help with the nonprofit JDS Creative Academy, or if you would like to work behind the scenes with script writing, design, or video production, JDS Creative Academy is the absolute best place for you.

For more information or if you have questions about Summer Camp or any other activities or events on the horizon, please feel free to contact JDS Creative Academy via email at