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The Cuvee Club to Merge with Vail Ranch Steakhouse

Ron Walton, owner of Vail Ranch Steakhouse restaurant has been in negotiations with owner of The Cuvee Club partners, Collin Rand and Dave Neugart, to sell the business located at 27600 Jefferson in Temecula. Their agreement is in process and plans for transition of the ownership is already underway.

Walton, a veteran restauranteur (also the owner of Texas Lil’s in Old Town Temecula) who turned 76 this year, is looking to “slow down” a little from his typical day-to-day hands on operating. When asked why the Cuvee Club, he commented, “I see great potential and promise in the Cuvee Club and with these two young professionals (Rand and Neugart) at the helm. It has what it takes to be a long-lasting staple for our community. I’ve even joined as a founding member!”

The Cuvee Club revives the “Rat-Pack” Cabaret aura and supper club sophistication, and welcomes back an era of class and style. Both Rand and Neugart feel the Vail Ranch Steakhouse venue provides a great platform for their vision. Tyson Cronmiller, Director of Operations for the Cuvee Club mentioned that “current Vail Ranch patrons can expect world-class entertainment at the Cuvee Club as well as exceptional cuisine and service to match.”

Once the Cuvee Club takes possession, the plans include a $400,000 renovation to the restaurant. Collin Rand, Managing Partner explained, “We’ll be adding a full patio with a cigar/brandy lounge and expanding the stage. We want to give it a ‘fresh’ look.”

The official date for the transition has not been disclosed, but Rand mentioned the projection is before the end of the year. We are sensitive to all of the banquets and special events already booked at Vail Ranch. We want to ensure the current clientele is taken care of professionally during this transition, and we will honor all signed guest agreements under the Vail Ranch brand.”

Dave Neugart, General Partner and newest addition to the Cuvee Club team stated, “When Vail Ranch came on the radar as a location, it was a game changer for the Cuvee Club investment opportunity. The investment opportunity we have to offer is quite remarkable….our investors, present and future are thrilled to be moving into Vail Ranch Steakhouse.”

The Cuvee Club is actively seeking additional investors. 

For more information on the Cuvee Club’s investment opportunity, send inquires to

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