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Melanie Rhoan, a True Professional

Through her 14 years in the luxury and highline automotive industry, Melanie Rhoan has built a reputation revolving around her genuine dedication and care to her clients and to the product she represents; Mercedes-Benz. Melanie has been an integral part of Mercedes-Benz of Temecula’s development from the day the dealership opened its doors four years ago and continues to embody the brand’s motto “The Best or Nothing.” Melanie throws out all preconceived notions revolving around the male-dominated automotive industry and is living proof that true success rides on hard work, determination, and attention to one’s craft above all else.

Melanie’s uncanny drive stems from her upbringing, where she was taught by her grandparents that hard-work, humility, and dedication to her craft would allow her to succeed in anything she put her mind to. For years she worked in the fields of her grandparent’s property at small rural town just outside of Fresno. It was there that she learned the true meaning of hard work and the value it can bring. Finally one day she was approached by a friend who planted a seed: that with her one of a kind work-ethic and gentle charm, she had the potential to become a self-made woman.

The rest is history. Melanie’s beaming success is shown clearest through her customers incredibly vocal satisfaction that can be found plastered across all forms of social media. Melanie loves what she does and takes immense pride and pleasure in listening to her guest’s needs in order to personalize each experience and create something special. Her clients love that they can rest easy with the knowledge that Melanie truly has their interests in heart and will not settle for anything short of perfection. That perfection being her client exiting the showroom in the vehicle of their dreams, knowing they were represented honestly and fairly.

Melanie Rhoan, Sales & Leasing Consultant(951) 216-7826 Direct, (559) 970-4900 Mobile or