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How to Advertise Effectively

Effective advertising is an important part of building a relationship with your clients. When utilized properly it will not only reach your intended client, but maximize your advertising dollars.  It will pay off if you put the time and effort into a well thought out campaign.   Here are some things to take into consideration:

  1. Clear and Concise:  The message in an effective marketing piece should be clear and concise.  By keeping it simple, it will be easier for your client to remember you or your product.  Pique your potential client’s interest and they will ask for more; bombard them with too much information and they will lose interest.
  2. Consistent:  Keep all aspects of your marketing consistent.  Same look, logo and message on everything from your business card to your website, and any printed materials in between.  You want your clients to know it’s from you, even at a glance.  If you change your logo or your message, then you should make sure to update it on everything.  If an old marketing piece is left lingering, it could confuse your client.
  3. Focus:  Marketing pieces should focus on your target market, and figuring out the best way to reach them is key to marketing success.  Are you using the right avenues to reach them?  Internet marketing and social media are great tools to use, and often times are more effective when combined with printed materials.  It is also very important to look at where your potential client will come across your advertising.  If you would like to reach business to business, then advertising in a business periodical makes sense, and if you are trying to reach homeowners, then perhaps a series of Every Door Direct Mailers would be the best investment.
  4. Utilize All Media Options: Effective advertising utilizes all media options to reach your clients.  Many digital options are low to no cost, but can be lost to your client in a myriad of emails and pop up ads.  Print advertising is tangible, but can cost more than digital options.  Set your budget and research what media mix will benefit your business the most.

Partnering with a graphic designer or local printer help streamline your efforts and show a quicker return on your investment.  They will work with you to keep it clear, consistent and focused.  They can also offer suggestions on available media options that might compliment your plan.

Written by Tracey Papke

Tracey Papke is the owner of Potamus Press, a commercial print shop that specializes in offset and digital printing. For more information please visit or call (951)693-2136.

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