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Invisco Whole House Fan Co. Offers Charity Donation Plan, Affiliate Marketing and Free Fan with Solar

There are many fine charities in the Temecula Valley and all over the United States.  I am Kurt Shafer, the founder of Invisco, and I have been working with Project T.O.U.C.H., Michelle’s Place, Oak Grove, Canine Support Teams, Villa Chardonnay and other local charities to enable them to increase donations by simply telling their supporters about Invisco. Not only do their supporters get the best deal in town on the highest performance whole house fan – the Invisco ES-6400 – saving $100s compared to the ES-6400 from QuietCool, their charity gets a $200 donation.

I also offer you the only affiliate marketing program in this business. As an affiliate, any person can alert their friends and family to the Invisco product line and make a very good commission when a fan is bought. There are 18 affiliates listed on already and many more to be added shortly. Affiliate marketing is very popular. You can become an affiliate for 1000s of web sites like Sears, Walmart, Amazon and more. The average pay for an affiliate is 10% of orders created by the affiliate. The amount paid by Invisco is $200 for each rafter mounted whole house fan and $300 for each rooftop mounted whole house fan sold to an affiliate’s contact.

If you have been thinking about solar, you have likely seen the latest ad from WeCare. WeCare’s solar power offer was just announced in a mailing from Edison. They offer a free QuietCool Trident 4.8 whole house fan with the purchase of a solar electric system from WeCare.

You will be happy to learn that Invisco can offer you a better deal. Invisco has teamed up with a local solar company, AA Solar, located on Diaz Road, with a web site I am happy to tell you that Joe and I can offer you a solar system that will be every bit as good as the WeCare system PLUS you get a free Invisco ES-6400 high performance whole house fan! Be sure to call me before you buy any solar.

What is the difference between the Trident 4.8 and the Invisco ES-6400? First, performance – The Tri-4.8 pulls just 4750 CFM but takes 673 watts. The ES-6400 pulls 6,320 CFM at just 505 watts. Second, the Tri-4.8 has 2 speeds, the ES-6400 has infinitely variable speeds and comes with both a wireless and a wired speed control. Third, warranty – while not a big deal, the Tri-4.8 has a 15-year warranty, the ES-6400 is 16 years.

So please let me know if you have a school, church or charity that can use more donations. I can add them to the program in minutes. If you want to make some nice extra income then let me set you up as an affiliate.  If you are thinking about solar, call me asap. If not, and you just want the best whole house fan in history, call me any time at (951) 296-3611.