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Become an Expert in Your Industry with the High Achiever Plan

This is the topic for Temecula NAFE September 5th at the 6pm dinner meeting at the Bamboo House with International Speaker Nadine LaJoie.

Join me at the Bamboo House in Temecula. Come and network and meet other dynamic women as well as meet Nadine who is a long-time friend and a fantastic speaker. She is also a sailboat raiser and redoes houses and resells them, and is also a singer. So, this woman is amazing. She has also spoken at several of my NAFE conferences and received rave reviews.

Nadine believes in becoming a high achiever in everything. Becoming a high achiever allows you to e the best person you were meant to be.

Become an Expert in your Industry…with the HIGH Achiever Plan

Nadine will reveal how to become a High Achiever faster than anyone else!

  • The five secrets to become a high achiever
  • How she overcame her fears and how you can do the same
  • The struggles and challenges she conquered
  • How to never give up on your dreams and passions

Nadine LaJoie is an International Award-Winning Entrepreneur (20 awards), Speaker and America’s High Speed Success Coach, Nadine Lajoie was retired and a millionaire at age 41, on top of being a Champion Motorcycle Racer at 180 mph. She trains and “IN-Powers entrepreneurs worldwide to achieve high performance, accelerate success and put business and life on the fast track, with her “Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G System to Success”.™