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“Stay Curious”

Curiosity is one of the best assets anyone can have. Curiosity opens up so many opportunities and possibilities. It didn’t just kill the cat, it actually has the capacity to build the world. That’s how I look at life. I’m a builder and a creator. When I’ve been able to build something and see it still there years later, I think, “Wow I did that!” That is an amazing feeling, so I would consider myself a builder.

I suppose I’ve always been this way, a person brimming with curiosity. When I was young, I would take apart my motorized toys to understand how they work then put them back together. Sometimes I would even use the parts to build something new. As I grew up, I began to ride bikes and spent time fixing them and rebuilding them.

This desire to understand how things work was always alive inside me. As an adult, I began working for a large retailer. I faced a lot of challenges and was happy to take them on, finding new ways to improve a process or implement something new. This allowed me to achieve more and move up the ranks quickly. In 20 years, I got the chance to work in many stores and use my hands to create and build things.

I’ve always had a great respect and admiration for the architecture, going all the way back to ancient times when things like the Colosseum in Rome, the Greek Doric Temple, and the Egyptian Pyramids were built. The ingenuity and creativity amaze me. Being so intrigued by architecture led me to start my career in windows and doors. I left retail and embarked upon a new journey in glazing.
Glass is such a fragile yet dynamic material. Glass was once a luxury and made only in the smallest of pieces so that each window had to be mulled together. Now, of course, glass is a huge part of any structure. It’s more than just something that’s aesthetic, although beautiful windows and doors certainly deliver a lot of curb appeal. Glass windows and doors offer protection and security as well.

I love putting in replacement windows, patio doors, and entry doors and seeing how it transforms a space from the inside and outside. It lets light in, offers stunning views, and adds character to every home. When I see customers admiring their new windows or doors, it certainly makes me smile. Every home is different and so are its windows and doors. I’m so glad my curiosity led me to this career. Each day I get to impart a bit of happiness to homeowners, and that’s the best part of my job.

Andy’s Glass & Windows offers and installs replacement and new construction windows and doors for both commercial and residential dwellings. Andy’s is also a full-service glass contractor offering and installing glass & mirror products such as shower enclosures, glass storefront, glass fencing, glass interior doors as well as cabinet glass and table tops.

Arnold G. Renken – Lead Technician of Andy’s Glass and Window Co. – (951) 677-7421.