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Picking the Right Plant

As you transform your landscape, picking the right plant is an important step towards being more water-wise. There are simple steps to take to help achieve this:

  1. Identify your soil. There are 3 common soil types to consider before planting – sand, loam, and clay soil. Checking your soil type is a good way to better determine which plants will thrive in that soil.
  2. Consider the environment. It is wise to determine the area that the plant will be placed. Where will the plant be planted? Sun, shade, partial sun or shade. Does it get hot, cold, etc. For example, a plant that does best in partial shade probably wouldn’t do well in an area that gets sun all day. Knowing this will help you decide which plants will thrive best in that area.
  3. Find out plant water needs. Plants are not all watered the same. It is recommended to group plants together according to their water needs so you don’t over, or underwater plants located in the same area. California natives and drought tolerant plants both don’t require a lot of water, however exactly how much water each type of plants needs can still vary.
  4. Spacing your plants. Consider the size of the plant when it reaches full maturity. At a nursery the plants may seem small but keep in mind that the plant could grow larger. Knowing how large a plant may get at full maturity will help you to prevent overcrowding by knowing how much space to have in between each plant.

Once you have taken these steps, you will be more prepared to pick your plants. With so many water-wise plants to choose from, you’re sure to find the right plant for your landscape! EVMWD is here to help you along the way. Visit for more information on plants and free resources including landscape designs and a copy of the Inland Empire Landscape Guidebook.