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Drought or Not, Water use Efficiency is a California Way of Life

Winter rains brought a much-needed water supply to our region, but we still need to do our part to conserve and use water efficiently. It’s no longer about conserving only in drought periods but making water use efficiency a California way of life.

According to the United States Drought Monitor, more than 10 percent of California – including a large portion of southwest Riverside County – is still considered abnormally dry despite the winter storms that brought lush greenery and bevies of wildflower blooms.

While the impressive snowpack in our local mountains is much needed, it will go toward replenishing the water levels in our local groundwater basins, which have been greatly taxed during the last several years of drought. One wet year will not restore the many dry years.

One wet winter is not enough water to correct the long-term impacts of the severe drought. We need to keep conserving water and using it wisely to ensure we have enough when the next drought happens. Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, EVMWD, and Rancho California Water District, RCWD, are doing their part and working on local water efficiency and supply projects to ensure customers have enough water for years to come.

EVMWD and RCWD have many water efficiency programs for their customers, including free water saving devices, rebates and resources.

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