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Save Money through the Holidays with EVMWD’s Aquahawk System

Money can be tight around the holidays and every bit of savings counts! EVMWD is here to help you make the most of this holiday season. In addition to providing financial assistance and payment plans, EVMWD provides resources to help customers reduce water waste and save money on their bill. EVMWD’s free Aquahawk system enables ratepayers to monitor water use, set alerts, and more with just a few clicks.

By providing alerts when excessive or unusual usage occurs, Aquahawk helps individuals and families discover leaks and identify when hoses or faucets are accidentally left on. With this resource, you no longer have to worry about coming home from vacation to find a flooded yard and expensive water bill! Utilizing the Aquahawk system has made a significant difference for many ratepayers.

The Hallahans—two EVMWD customers—recently experienced the importance of water alerts firsthand. EVMWD’s Aquahawk system flagged excessive use at their home, showing that water had been running constantly and had dispensed more than 460 gallons over a 24-hour period. Upon receiving this alert, EVMWD staff visited the Hallahans to assist in identifying the source of the problem: a hose that had simply been left on in the backyard.

“I am so grateful that EVMWD contacted us,” said Sandy, the Hallahans’ daughter. “After learning more about EVMWD’s Aquahawk system, I plan to use it for my parents’ home and the other homes I manage in this area. It is a great tool!”

Because of Aquahawk, the Hallahans were protected from further flooding, water waste, and expense. Next time a hose is left on, the system will notify them and help them to avoid water waste.

The Aquahawk system is simple to set up on your smartphone or via email and you can receive alerts as soon as an issue arises. EVMWD encourages all customers to take advantage of this resource.

Log on to to sign up for Aquahawk and save money through the holidays!