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The Power Behind Extracurricular Activities

Although a rigorous academic program is important to a child’s education, stimulating the mind outside the classroom is just as powerful. Challenging children to think “outside the box” and engage different parts of the brain ultimately leads to critical thinking and the ability to uniquely problem solve; however, the importance behind extracurricular activities that engage these parts of the mind like acting, musical theater, and fashion design, are commonly under-appreciated.

To encourage those to live life outside the classroom and raise awareness of the arts, JDS Creative Academy (JDSCA) has structured certain classes to meet the 4th – 12th grade California Education Code for Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA). The Creative Academy uses the STEAM model of education and demonstrates the value of the Arts through their successful job training program, summer camp and creative classes offered throughout the year. Temecula’s Unified School District CTE Program recognizes the value in JDS Creative Academy STEAM model of education as their production programs from all three high schools’ partner with the non-profit to provide hands-on learning and internship opportunities to their Capstone CTE high school population.

JDSCA believes that extracurricular activities enhance one’s academic performance and creates broader opportunities. These opportunities are proven through the two-week annual Summer Camp taking place June 14-25, 2021 from 10 A.M. – 4 P.M. JDSCA is happy to announce that classes will be held in person with COVID-19 guidelines and CDC regulations strictly in place. To make sure those guidelines are met, only 10 campers will be accepted into the camp.

The concept behind the camp is to let kids be kids while allowing them to gain confidence, provide a social environment, give them a chance to work on their social skills, all while appreciating the differences of others, as the camp is open to all abilities and experience levels. The camp delves into improv, script writing and backstage production. The concept behind the two-week camp is based off of a classic, fairytale book that has a moral or an intention with the end goal of the students creating their own story with the guidance of industry professionals. JDS Creative Academy welcomes everyone, age 10+, with an interest in writing and/or theater.

You might be thinking, my kid isn’t an aspiring Hollywood actor, nor are they a skilled writer, why would I sign them up? Students, regardless of their experience level, will leave with a little more confidence, a better understanding of teamwork, collaboration and the theatrical industry which is an asset to anyone. In addition, performing arts has several mental health benefits for everyone. The stage teaches self-confidence, communication, speech, reading and even literature. Behind-the-scenes teaches engineering, technology, and logistics.

Extracurricular activities give students the chance to gain essential life skills far beyond their adolescent years. For example, more and more universities are only accepting those who show extracurricular experience because they want to see longevity, passion and leadership. JDS Creative Academy classes prove just that. No matter your talents, each of us is born with a desire to express. Art assists this desire and encompasses a much wider range of opportunities than one might think!

Sign up today at and for more information, call 951-296-6715.