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California Efficient

Dripping water

Make a positive impact with Water

Water connects the world. When you conserve water, you help your community. Small, everyday actions add up to make a big impact when we all work together to use water wisely.

When you use water wisely, you’re not just safeguarding California’s previous resource, you’re also helping to guard against the next drought. Using water wisely also helps to reduce the amount of energy and chemicals needed to treat, pump and heat water, it helps prevent air pollution by lowering energy demand, and overall protect the environment.

Here are five ways you can make a difference:

  1. Fix leaks. Common leak sources include running toilets, dripping faucets, home water treatment units and sprinkler systems.
  2. Plant beautiful, water-wise landscaping. Swap turf grass for California-friendly plants to cut outdoor water use by more than half.
  3. Invest in a drip irrigation system to save water and prevent runoff of toxic contaminants into our water supply.
  4. Don’t overwater plants. Use a rain shutoff device, soil moisture sensor, or humidity sensor to control irrigation.
  5. Upgrade to efficient, WaterSense appliances and equipment.


Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, EVMWD, has a variety of resources available to assist you with being water-wise. For more information, contact EVMWD’s Water Use Efficiency Specialist Haley Munson at (951) 674-3146, ext. 8247, or