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2021 Tech Gift Ideas – Giving the Gift of Upgrade

In past years there have been advancements in technology migrated into consumer products that we buy for our family and friends. While there are some new products available this year it may be a good season to take a different approach.

When working through your Christmas list, think about what might be the best upgrades to give for 2021.  Here are some ideas.

Smartphones are always a great gift idea but even more so for someone on your list that needs an upgrade. With better cameras, 5G connectivity, larger storage, and faster processors the owner of a flip phone or older smartphone would appreciate all the new features. How about someone using a computer purchased a few years ago. Buying them an internal solid-state drive (SSD) is a great upgrade. These drives are faster with more capacity and are the future of storage. It’s also a good chance their old computer needs additional memory. As programs get updated so does the need for more power and adding memory can be a start.

Watch the cost of putting new components into an older computer as it may become cheaper in the long run to buy a new system. Friends with a home security system may be a good place to give the gift of upgrade. Here too, there are better cameras available and many options of what is connected and monitored. Many are wireless making it easy to self-install. Know someone struggling with a first-generation tablet? Giving a current model will be appreciated. One can be more creative and productive with the many new apps requiring up-to-date devices.

If you have a large budget, upgrading a TV can be a surprise as smart TVs are even smarter than ever. With all the streaming opportunities available, many have apps built right in and can connect to the latest routers for the highest internet speeds.

Any technology that can connect wirelessly can be a welcome upgrade. For example, a new set of earbuds may provide freedom along with better sound quality.

Upgrading someone’s external storage strategy is a great gift too. With all the pictures and videos captured daily, a new device with terabytes of storage will be valued.

This year look for who is struggling with their technology for a clue on how you can give the gift of upgrade.

Ted Saul is a business coach that assists with Business Plans and Project Management. He earned is MBA from Regis University along with a masters in project management.  He is also ITIL 4.0 certified. Ted can be reached on LinkedIn or emailing

Written by Ted Saul, Sr. Staff Writer

Ted Saul is a business coach that assists with Business Plans and Project Management. He holds a master certificate in project management and has earned his MBA from Regis University. Ted can be reached on LinkedIn, TedS787 on Twitter or emailing

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