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Use Water Wisely This Winter

Dripping water

Water conservation is no longer an emergency response to a drought. It is a way of life across California, where water is needed to support out growing economy and population and sustain us in linger and more sever dry periods that accompany climate change.

Southern California has faced some of the hottest and driest years on record recently. When fall weather stays warm and dry into the winter, it is likely you will need to use more water than normal. EVMWD is asking customers to continue to practice water efficiency and offers customer a variety of rebates and resources to help. From indoor upgrades such as toilets and clothes washers, to outdoors including sprinkler controllers and turf removal, EVMWD is here to help provide customers the tools they need to be more water efficient.

With what is expected to be another dry year, conservation efforts are more important than ever. Though winter weather is unpredictable, the time to conserve is now.
For more information on available rebates and resources, visit or call (951) 674-3146. The drought may be back, but you know what to do.